U10 PK Competition Rules

Immediately at the conclusion of each of your games, there will be a special penalty kick competition. This will be held regardless of the score at the end of regulation. This competition is subject to the following rules and conditions:

- Five PK's will be taken at the end of each match.
- All five PK's will be taken by each team no matter the score, and extra PK's will not be taken in any circumstance.
- Throughout the three games over the two days, every one of your players must take at least one PK...including goalies! This should be possible as your roster should have a maximum of 14 players. The last PK is at your discretion.
- If the game schedule gets delayed by weather, the tournament reserves the right to cancel the PK competition to help get the tournament back on schedule.
- Handshakes will follow the PK's
- At the end of your PK's on Sunday, please proceed immediately to the registration tent for your tournament participation awards ceremony.

Coaches, please help us expedite the process by having your plan ready to go at the end of the game. There will not be any cards to fill out that itemize the players to take PK's. We expect you to be honorable with this and allow every one of your players to have an opportunity. Players not involved with the PK's should remain on the benches, and the five players involved should proceed to the midfield circle. If you have two coaches, then one coach should also go to midfield to help facilitate the process. If you have only one coach, please stay with your team on the sideline and coordinate from there.

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